Our Commitment
to our people is clear.

But don't take our word for it

"When I joined Sharkey and started meeting other drivers, I’d ask, “How long have you been here?” And it seems like the answer was always 10 years, or 15, or even 20. That blew me away. At my last carrier, you were a long-time driver if you lasted more than a year. But I understand now why our drivers stick around. We’re like a family around here."

Our Drivers Stick Around

Average employee tenure is 15 years and our original six customers from 1971 are still among our more than 3000 today.

Average Pay of $800 - $1,500 A Week!

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About Sharkey

Sharkey Transportation, Inc. began operations in 1971 serving six customers. I am proud to say that those same six firms are still among the more than three thousand business customers we serve today.

This achievement results from the effort of dedicated and talented people. Our continuing goal is to provide the very best in transportation services while maintaining the personal contact expressed in our company motto, Success Through Service.